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I Finished my Ph.D.!

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Thu 22 December 2022

It took six and a half years, but I'm happy to announce that I finally got my Ph.D. in Computer Science. Hooray! As I write this, I'm starting a short-term post-doc at MIT to wrap up a few research projects, but I'm actively applying to jobs. If you have a role that aligns with my skill set, please let me know!

Update: as of Feb 21, 2023, I am now working at Qualcomm AI Research!

My thesis is titled The Design and Implementation of User-Schedulable Languages. A copy is available from UC Berkeley's website, but I will update it here if the need for errata should ever arise.

I'm happy to have substantially more time than I did during my thesis crunch. If you've been following my work at all, please reach out! My contact info is in the sidebar. I'd love to talk about my research, potential collaborations, software engineering, or whatever else.

I also plan to start blogging somewhat consistently; I would love to expand the "practical considerations for DSL design in the C ecosystem" chapter of my thesis, and this blog seems like a good place to do it. These plans include my somewhat popular "CMake Without the Agonizing Pain" series.

Finally, I want to take a moment to thank the many people who helped me throughout grad school: first of all, my advisor Jonathan Ragan-Kelley. I'm honored to be your first graduating student! I'd also like to thank my amazing colleagues and collaborators: Gilbert Bernstein, Yuka Ikarashi, Hasan Genc, Daan Leijen, Ningning Xie, Leonardo de Moura, Dougal Maclaurin, Adam Paszke, Alexey Radul, Ankush Desai, Shaz Qadeer, and Ruzica Piskac.

I especially want to thank the Halide team, most notably Steven Johnson, Andrew Adams, Shoiab Kamil, and Zalman Stern, for entrusting me with so much of the project.

And of course, a big thanks to all my friends and family in Berkeley, Minneapolis, Boston, and beyond who kept me sane all these years. You know who you are and that you mean the world to me 🙂.

Until next time, happy holidays and a happy new year!