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Exocompilation for Productive Programming of Hardware Accelerators

Thu 09 June 2022

Published at PLDI 2022.

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High-performance kernel libraries are critical to exploiting accelerators and specialized instructions in many applications. Because compilers are difficult to extend to support diverse and rapidly-evolving hardware targets, and automatic optimization is often insufficient to guarantee state-of-the-art performance, these libraries are commonly still coded …

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Perceus: Garbage Free Reference Counting with Reuse

Mon 25 January 2021

PLDI 2021 Distinguished Paper

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We introduce Perceus, an algorithm for precise reference counting with reuse and specialization. Starting from a functional core language with explicit control-flow, Perceus emits precise reference counting instructions such that programs are garbage-free, where only live references are retained.This enables further optimizations …

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Formal Semantics for the Halide Language

Fri 01 May 2020

Pre-print on arXiv

We present the first formalization and metatheory of language soundness for a user-schedulable language, the widely used array processing language Halide. User-schedulable languages strike a balance between abstraction and control in high-performance computing by separating the specification of what a program should compute from a schedule for …

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A Type-Directed Approach to Program Repair

Thu 16 July 2015

Published at CAV 2015.

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Developing enterprise software often requires composing several libraries together with a large body of in-house code. Large APIs introduce a steep learning curve for new developers as a result of their complex object-oriented underpinnings. While the written code in general reflects a programmer …

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